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Behind-the Scenes for Wicked the Musical by Stephen Schwartz and Winnie Holzman

Wicked photo by Joan MarcusGet the inside scoop on the show Wicked in the book Defying Gravity

Defying Gravity includes WickedAvailable in print and ebook. Where to buy Defying Gravity: The Creative Career of Stephen Schwartz, from Godspell to Wicked

So much happened before Wicked came to Broadway and became the world-wide megahit that it is today. From early creative moments to full-blown arguments during the show's development, this book reveals all.

Free Sample Chapter from Defying Gravity

LANDING IN OZ - Chapter 16 from the book Defying Gravity [pdf file - opens in new window] View PDF of Chapter 16 of Defying Gravity: Landing in Oz. Here's the story of what happened in 1996 when composer-lyricist Stephen Schwartz first found out about Gregory Maguire's novel Wicked: the Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West. INCLUDES PHOTOS. Stephen Schwartz comments about the book Defying Gravity: "...I'm delighted at how accurately Carol de Giere has captured the experience of the making of Wicked."


Find out:

  • Why are the icons of Oz important in the show, and where did the turning point moment about the witch hat come from? (See chapter 17 and the original outline for the show in the Extras section.)
  • What was Stephen Schwartz fighting for in San Francisco? (See chapter 27)
  • What were the most tense moments for the creative team? (See chapters 27 and 28)
  • Were Winnie Holzman and Stephen Schwartz friends?
  • What disappointing news did Kristin Chenoweth get in San Francisco? Why did Idina Menzel wear post-it notes in San Francisco?

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Wicked in San Francisco 2003 and 2009

Read article that refers to Defying Gravity: The making of Wicked the Musical - the Pre-Broadway Tryout in San Francisco

Carol de Giere and Gregory Maguire in San FranciscoPHOTO: Authors Carol de Giere and Gregory Maguire at opening night for Wicked the musical in San Francisco in 2003

"Defying Gravity" the Song

from the hit musical Wicked

"...Kiss me goodbye, I'm defying gravity
And you can't pull me down!..."

"Defying Gravity" song lyrics and stories about the song

"Defying Gravity" song analysis

Compare Defying Gravity with The Grimmerie

Compare Defying Gravity to The Grimmerie

Defying Gravity by Carol de Giere is Ozifyingly full of special treats Wicked fans, such as dozens of never-before-told stories about the making of Wicked, photos, composer Stephen Schwartz's handwritten note and more. Find out where to Buy Defying Gravity Wicked composer Stephen Schwartz autographAUTOGRAPHED COPIES ARE AVAILABLE, signed by composer Stephen Schwartz.