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For Fans of Wicked, the Stephen Schwartz — Winnie Holzman Musical

Defying Gravity Features for Wicked Fans

Defying Gravity book with Wicked chaptersDefying Gravity: The Creative Career of Stephen Schwartz, from Godspell to Wicked is full of special treats for fans of Wicked.

Wicked Chapters in Defying Gravity

  1. Landing In Oz
  2. Structuring Twists and Turns
  3. On the Right Track
  4. Story by Committee
  5. Somewhere Over the Keyboard
  6. First Drafts and "Adjustifications"
  7. We’re Off to See a Reading
  8. Turning Points in Oz
  9. If We Only Had a Team
  10. Character Development
  11. The Countdown Begins
  12. Shock at First Sight
  13. Pre-Broadway Summer
  14. Wicked on Broadway

PLUS special sections in "Extras" about the Wicked cast recording session and the writing of "The Wizard and I."

Do Wicked Fans Need Defying Gravity AND The Grimmerie?
Yes! Here's what they include...
Defying Gravity Wicked: The Grimmerie
  • WHAT:
    The new authorized career biography on Wicked's composer-lyricist Stephen Schwartz is available from
    150 facinating pages featuring the true story of the making of Wicked. A chronological narrative covering Wicked's development from the show's conception in 1996 through the Broadway opening in October of 2003. It includes how Stephen Schwartz writes songs, helps develop the story, and interacts with colleagues.
  • Original seven-page outline developed by Stephen Schwartz showing his ideas for converting Gregory Maguire's novel into a musical.
  • Lyrics for "Defying Gravity," "For Good," and "The Wizard and I."
  • Samples of Stephen Schwartz's handwritten "brainstorming" notes for "Defying Gravity"
    Stephen Schwartz's song stories in context of the show's development. The chapters describe challenges he faced as well as responses from colleagues and cast members that influenced the music or lyrics.
  • "For Good" – Defying Gravity takes readers into the moment "For Good" was conceived and written. It includes notes from Schwartz's interview with his daughter Jessica, and a photo of Jessica with her friend Sarah—the friendship that inspired the song.
  • "Wicked Witch of the East":
    Defying Gravity publishes, for the first time, a page of handwritten music and lyrics from the "Wicked Witch of the East" section of the musical, not included on the cast album. This is a duet between Nessarose and Elphaba in which Elphaba performs a "heart" chant.
  • Stephen Schwartz's handwritten notes to the eleka nahmen section of "No Good Deed."
  • Defying Gravity narrates the process by which the Wicked company grew from its first cast member, Kristin Chenoweth, through auditions, and changes in the pre-Broadway San Francisco production. It includes Idina Menzel's comments about being the first Elphaba.
  • Defying Gravity includes black and white photos and never-before-published photos such as Stephen Schwartz and friends in Hawaii at the time Schwartz conceived Wicked as a musical.
  • Defying Gravity reveals the puzzle-working efforts to put together the show and the tensions that arose between the collaborators. It explores how Stephen Schwartz felt along the way as he shared his dream with others.
  • Defying Gravity includes "Creativity Notes" in which Stephen Schwartz explains his songwriting methods and ways of working in collaboration with others on a musical.
  • In conclusion: Defying Gravity is much more than a Stephen Schwartz biography. It is full of behind-the-scenes stories for Wicked fans.
  • Read more Defying Gravity: The Creative Career of Stephen Schwartz, from Godspell to Wicked
  • WHAT:
    "A behind-the-scenes look at the hit Broadway musical" published in 2005, available from:
    Wicked's development described in chapters on specific topics like the writing, sets, costumes, making Elphaba green, etc. About 100 pages.
  • About 80% of Wicked's script.
  • All lyrics for songs on the Wicked cast album
  • Stephen Schwartz's original handwritten sheet music for "Defying Gravity" (an excerpt)
    Stories behind Schwartz's songs for the show described in one to three paragraphs per song. Relevant photos by Joan Marcus accompany each story.
  • In Wicked: The Grimmerie, cast members provide insightful comments about characters and the show. It includes comments from original and several subsequent casts: Idina Menzel, Shoshana Bean, Stephanie J. Block, Kristin Chenoweth, Jennifer Laura Thompson, Kendra Kassebaum, Joel Grey, and others.
  • The Grimmerie is a large art book providing many large full-color photos. It includes diagrams from the set design and sketches for the costumes.
  • Some black and white photos are shown.
    The Grimmerie was designed especially for fans and includes diagrams for the Elphaba dance, a quiz: (Are you more Glinda or Elphaba?), an Ozian Glossarium, and more.
  • BUY NOW Wicked: The Grimmerie ( USA)